John Andrews

God has uniquely gifted and positioned me for this work. I grew up a third-generation Christian Scientist living on the St. Louis campus of The Principia School, a school for Christian Scientists. I attended Principia through my first year of college. I left Christian Science (CS) after September 11, 2001 when I was faced with the undeniable reality of evil in the world. Confused by the inconsistencies between CS and the world, I lived in spiritual darkness and denial for eight years. In 2008 I overheard a conversation on faith in a coffee shop that caught my attention. I felt hope. I desired a relationship with God, was convicted of my sinful heart, and read Francis Schaeffer’s The God Who is There. I began attending Grace and Peace Fellowship, a PCA church in St. Louis. There I came to know the God of Scripture and professed Jesus as my Savior. I was baptized December 13, 2009 and almost immediately began studying my new faith at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis. I graduated in 2013 with a degree in Educational Ministries. After leaving CS, I longed for fellowship and resources to help me understand what had happened. I felt very alone and isolated during this time. When I finally met another former Christian Scientist it was incredibly helpful and healing to be able to connect. We knew the same language and had many of the same experiences. Hearing her story helped me understand mine better. I felt called to reach out to other former Christian Scientists. I realized there was a real need for a ministry working to connect former Christian Scientists and provide resources specifically for people with this background. I found others were praying for this, too. This led me to form FFCS in January of 2014.