Real Faith, Real Stories

Here you’ll find a variety of blogs and videos from people with a background in Christian Science and those who walk alongside them.

These posts range between theology, personal stories, reflections on the former CS experience, and insights on living out biblical Christianity.

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It’s a blessing to us to write the blogs as they help us better reflect upon our own faith journey. We hope they are helpful to you too. Please let us know if you’d like to see a specific blog post or would like to contribute as a guest blogger. We invite you to walk together with us in encouraging each other in our faith.

Biblical Christianity and Christian Science

Perhaps the biggest challenge of moving to an unfamiliar place is learning the local customs, idioms and way of life.  I remember moving to the midwest from the east coast many years ago. It took me a while to figure out that when a Cincinnatian says “please” as a response, …

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Overcoming Trial and Loss

written 11/19/14 and edited 10/12/15 for FFCS I was a stranger to surgery and most medical procedures until I was 25. Having been raised in a Christian Science home, I had virtually no experience with the medical community—and had little or no knowledge of what to...

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Storybook [Poem]

You were an outsider to me, one whom I did not know. Only a man capable of good works, a excellent teacher. You increased the loaves and fishes, how grand—some divine symbol. You healed the man with leprosy, how very kind of you to have compassion on the outcast....

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